How it Works

Hiring a private investigator can at first seem like a daunting prospect, however, Elite Professional Investigations ensure that you are guided through the process with clear communication and transparency.

The steps below describe how a typical project would run from start to finish:

  • Consultation via email, phone or personal meeting (phone and email consultations are free) meeting in person will cost for expenses and travel time (over 30 mins of travel).

    During the consultation we will gather all the information we will need to conduct the investigation and set down an estimated cost of what the investigation will cost. The cost will be estimated by 3 main factors:

    1. Time on task (minimum of 4 hours)
    2. Manpower and equipment required
    3. Mileage covered by investigators on the task
  • Once the consultation is complete and we have all the information we need we will send you a contract and an initial invoice for a deposit, once the contract is returned and the deposit paid your investigation will be conducted. We will continue to keep in contact with you throughout the investigation so you are aware of what is happening.

    We are well aware that it may not be possible for you to speak to us within normal hours that is why we are available 24/7 for your reassurance and ease.

  • Once the investigation is complete we will compile a full report of the evidence gained that is legally admissible in a court of law or tribunal.

Elite Professional Investigations are private investigatorsĀ based in Edinburgh & Glasgow and serve all areas of Scotland and the UK.