As a Family Lawyer, a Private Investigator may be invaluable to your clients. The use of a Private Investigator and the evidence expertly obtained could significantly change the outcome of a case to ensure that your client receives the best settlement in divorce proceedings. We can also help to ensure that your clients receive the desired outcome in child custody issues.

We understand that as a Family Lawyer, your clients are likely to be going through a very difficult time in their lives. We respect the lawyer and client relationship and only take instructions directly from the client where that is the preference. Otherwise, we prefer to help reduce the amount of stress they are going through by communicating and taking instructions from you and remaining a third party.

The public may have a perception of a Private Investigator being as a shadowy figure often operating on the edge of the law to gain whatever evidence the client wants. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Our Private Investigators at Elite Professional Investigations operate within the proper boundaries and strictly comply with all legal obligations. All results are obtained legally and ethically.

Our Private Investigators are very understanding of sensitive matters such as child custody issues or divorce proceedings. Our Private Investigators have dealt with numerous cases of this nature and are very experienced in obtaining the results, helping you conclude matters more quickly.

Your clients will always be reassured that we will deal with the matters with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. We can also arrange a consultation with either a male or female to make your client feel more comfortable where they wish to communicate with us directly.

Below we have listed some of the services that we can provide in relation to family law matters.

The age-old question - what does a private investigator actually do? When most hear of a private investigator, they imagine us living our days full of adrenaline or lurking in dark corners smoking cigarettes in our trench coats and spending our evenings in glamourous hotels drinking fine scotch whilst chatting to pretty women. As much as some may wish that was the life we live, that is certainly not the case. Being a private investigator requires a great deal of patience, planning, quick thinking, commitment and dedication.

Someone once gave me a great analogy of a private investigator which I still remember and use to this day. If you think about a duck on the water, it appears calm and relaxed but under the water where you can’t see it is constantly working those webbed feet to keep it moving. That calm and relaxed character is what the client and anyone else would see however behind the scenes the private investigator is tirelessly working until the task is finished and to give you the results you require. Tasks are often unpredictable in that the planned course of action often has to change at little, or no notice.

 We can offer you, as an employer, an array of services. The services that you may require may depend on the sector you are operating in. We can help with anything from breaches of contract to workplace fraud.

We have estimated that in central Scotland alone there are over 5000 people engaging in extramarital affairs each year, isn’t that astonishing? This of course does not include pre-marital relationships, so to think of the number of people that are actually cheating on their partners could well exceed 10,000 even 15,000 a year in central Scotland alone is horrifying.

We have decided to put together a list of what we believe to be the top signs/behaviours that your partner may be cheating. These signs are only indicators of a cheating partner and are not absolutes. Your partner may have a one or two of these signs/behaviours and still be faithful, there may be legitimate reasons for a lot of these signs and behaviours but if you observe several or most of these it may be a strong indicator that your relationship is in trouble.

We here at Elite Professional Investigations have been doing a little digging around and researching statistics, facts and a few truths about cheating and infidelity. In this blog, you will find our surprising findings.

With one-in-seven of all marriages resulting in divorce due to adultery how should we define cheating?

In this ever-changing world of technology, social media and dating apps/sites, cheating is no longer restricted to an office affair or a drunken night out. Everyone’s view of cheating can vary dramatically so it really depends on you and your partner’s views on the subject. We found that many people believe there are different types of cheating and we have placed them into the four categories below:

  • Physical cheating

  • Emotional cheating

  • Cyber cheating

  • Text message cheating

Thanks to a well-known dating site namely we have found a description of each and they are listed below.

If there is a subject or matter you would like to see us write a blog about or you would like to feature in one of our blogs please feel free to contact us with any suggestions and if we can accommodate your request we are happy and willing to discuss this with you.