We have estimated that in central Scotland alone there are over 5000 people engaging in extramarital affairs each year, isn’t that astonishing? This of course does not include pre-marital relationships, so to think of the number of people that are actually cheating on their partners could well exceed 10,000 even 15,000 a year in central Scotland alone is horrifying.

We have decided to put together a list of what we believe to be the top signs/behaviours that your partner may be cheating. These signs are only indicators of a cheating partner and are not absolutes. Your partner may have a one or two of these signs/behaviours and still be faithful, there may be legitimate reasons for a lot of these signs and behaviours but if you observe several or most of these it may be a strong indicator that your relationship is in trouble.

  1. Unusual routines

  • Your partner may stop wearing jewellery/rings you have bought them all of a sudden with no reasoning why.

  • Breaking their otherwise established routines.

  • Encouraging you to leave the house or visit family more without them.

  • They may become suddenly forgetful and you have to tell him/her things several times; their thoughts are clearly somewhere else.

  • When their behaviour just doesn’t add up.

  • They may be treating you extremely nicely as if they are trying to make up for something they have done.

  • Intentionally flirting with the opposite sex when in the past this was totally out of character.

  • Becoming more distant from you and showing a lack of interest towards your relationship.


  1. Birth control

  • Finding forms of birth control medication hidden in the house or car

  • Finding condoms in his car or clothing when you using alternative birth control methods or even trying to conceive.



  1. Change in grooming habits

  • All of a sudden changing their usual perfume/aftershave they have religiously used for years.

  • Arriving home and heading straight for a shower when they wouldn’t usually shower/wash until later.

  • Smelling of unusual perfume or aftershave worn by the opposite sex.

  • Leaving home smelling of their normal scent and returning smelling of something completely different.


  1. Your spouse and others behaviour towards you

  • Your partner avoiding social events with you, they may be trying to hide the fact they are with you at all.

  • Your partner’s friends and co-workers are beginning to feel awkward around you either because they know they are cheating or they have heard the stories that they are.

  • Your partner becomes less intimate and comfortable around you.

  • Mutual friends start acting strange around you, either because they know about the cheating or have heard about it and are afraid to tell you.


  1. Electronic behaviour

  • You begin to find new email addresses that you were unaware of previously.

  • You partner is spending excessive time emailing and checking their emails.

  • Immediately deleting emails and emptying the deleted emails folder too.

  • Buying a new phone and keeping it hidden, at work or in the car.

  • Deleting call and message history from their phone when they would usually let it accumulate.

  • Receiving bizarre texts and calls from friends you didn’t know exist, in other words ‘pretend’ names in their phone that are really someone they don’t want you to know about.

  • They go to extreme lengths to ensure you don’t get a hold of their phone.

  • Staying up unusually late to ‘work’ or ‘play games’ on the computer after you are asleep.

  • Continuously changing of computer access passwords, this also applies to mobile phones.

  • Finding unusual sights in their browser history such as ( "maritalaffair”, “ashleymaddison” , “illicitencounters” or "adultfriendfinder") or continuously deleting their browser history.


  1. Changes in your home life

  • Raising hypothetical questions like “do you think it’s possible to love more than one person at a time?”

  • Showing a sudden interest with helping out with household chores such as cleaning or doing the laundry its likely they are trying to find or hide something.

  • Suddenly liking a type of music they have despised in the past.

  • Loss of desire to care for your children all of a sudden.

  • Showing a lack of interest and desire for your relationship.

  • Your partner is beginning to sleep on the sofa or in the spare room more and more often.

  • Beginning to go to bed at separate times and telling you not to wait up for them when you usually always would wait up.

  • Your partner is becoming exceedingly critical of you even to the point that they are beginning to mock you on a daily basis.

  • Showing reluctance to any form of affection or criticise you for showing affection.

  • When your partner becomes “accusatory,” asking if you are being true to him/her, usually out of guilt.


  1. Change in lifestyle

  • He or she has joined a gym and is dedicated to a solid and rigorous workout when they hated exercise before.

  • Buying new and sexy lingerie but you never see them wearing it.

  • A sudden obsession with their appearance.

  • Sudden spike in buying new clothes and or a change in clothing styles.

  • Getting excessively dolled up to go out to the shops or to get their hair done.

  • Dressing very smartly to go see friends or pop into the office.


  1. Changes to his/her or a shared vehicle

  • The passenger seat is in a different position than where you left it.

  • Taking out child seats and the kids toys for no known reason.

  • Increased mileage and fuel use.

  • Less mileage than is possible for example, he/she was gone for the whole day yesterday and said they had drove to a relative’s home that is 200 miles away but there is only an extra 30 miles on the speedometer from when you last used the car.

  • All of a sudden going for late night drives when this has never happened before.

  • Finding suspicious items in the car such as condoms, lipstick, unfamiliar perfume smells and hairs.

  • Keeping a change of clothing hidden in the boot of the car.


  1. Unusual paper trails

  • rushing to be the first to the door after hearing to postman delivering the mail.

  • Finding ATM/Bank receipts with an unusual date, time and location on them.

  • Strange spending habits showing on bank and credit card statements.

  • Finding recipes for gifts that you have not received or are unaware of.


  1. Work routine and life

  • Working longer hours and seeing no financial improvement

  • More frequent work related nights out and trips away.

  • Finding out they had booked a holiday but they told you they were at work.

  • More nights away from home than usual due to work.

  • Reduced amount of wages but apparently working the same hours/days.

  • More frequently late home from work and immediately coming out with an excuse as to why when you don’t ask.

  • Blaming being stressed at work for odd behaviour.


  1. Things they might say to you

  • I think we need some space apart.

  • You need to respect my privacy.

  • We are just good friends or he/she is just an old friend.

  • I love you but in just not in love with you.

  • Let’s have a break.

  • I need some space to think about things.


  1. Changes in your sex life

This is a very controversial topic as a lot of people like to try new things and spice up their sexual life with their partner, so there may be nothing sinister in a change in the bedroom but it is one to look out for.

  • Lack of interest in intimate moments or making excuses for the infrequency of them.

  • He/she suddenly wants a lot more sex than usual.

  • Showing a new “talent” in the bedroom, this may have been recently learned from another individual whom they have been cheating with.

  • Giving increasing amounts of excuses as to why they “aren’t in the mood”.

  • Unexplained scratches or bruising.

  • Starting to request more kinky or erotic sexual behavior that you have never done before.

  • Increased lack of any affection towards you.

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