The age-old question - what does a private investigator actually do? When most hear of a private investigator, they imagine us living our days full of adrenaline or lurking in dark corners smoking cigarettes in our trench coats and spending our evenings in glamourous hotels drinking fine scotch whilst chatting to pretty women. As much as some may wish that was the life we live, that is certainly not the case. Being a private investigator requires a great deal of patience, planning, quick thinking, commitment and dedication.

Someone once gave me a great analogy of a private investigator which I still remember and use to this day. If you think about a duck on the water, it appears calm and relaxed but under the water where you can’t see it is constantly working those webbed feet to keep it moving. That calm and relaxed character is what the client and anyone else would see however behind the scenes the private investigator is tirelessly working until the task is finished and to give you the results you require. Tasks are often unpredictable in that the planned course of action often has to change at little, or no notice.

 We can offer you, as an employer, an array of services. The services that you may require may depend on the sector you are operating in. We can help with anything from breaches of contract to workplace fraud.

 Below are listed some of the services you may wish to consider. These lists are not exhaustive. We appreciate that the nature of business means that our services have to be adapted to achieve the desired outcome. If you have an enquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can assist you.

1. Workplace monitoring and/or surveillance We can offer you a number of solutions and gain evidence in relation to the problems that you may come across in the workplace. As an employer, you can hire a private investigator to conduct a number of investigative and surveillance tasks on your staff or potential staff. Private investigators are widely used by many employers in a number of situations from obtaining background checks to obtaining evidence of fraudulent injuries and/or sickness. Yes, your staff do have a right to privacy under the Data Protection Act 1998 however our private investigators strictly comply with our legal obligations to ensure all evidence gained will be admissible in legal proceedings in a court or employment tribunal.

A few reasons for hiring a private investigator may be to gain evidence of:

• Workplace theft

• Breaches of health and safety

• Conducting prohibited tasks and activities such as “homers” for friends and family using company property

• Sickness absence that does not appear to be genuine

• Fraudulent workplace accidents

• Suspicions of a fraudulent personal injury claim

• Working for another employer where they are restricted from doing so

• Working in competition with the Company

Behaviour that is likely to damage workplace productivity

• Criminal activity that could damage the reputation of your company

• Using company assets for personal use where that is not permitted (company vehicles etc.)

• Poor working practice

• Lack of productivity

Drug and alcohol misuse

• Workplace bullying and rumour spreading

• Fraud

• Vandalism

• Leaving site earlier than their contractual hours


So, you may be thinking, why can’t I do that myself and save myself some money? You may have thought of conducting some of these tasks yourself as an employer. If you did try and conduct these tasks yourself there is a risk that you destroy your employee to employer trust and confidence among other things. This in turn may result in additional issues such as friction in the workforce or even the staff you aren’t monitoring beginning not to trust you. Before you know it, you may begin to see your whole workforce turning against you, as the employer is seen to be unfair and untrustworthy when this is often not the case.

Our private investigators can also assist with gaining important information before recruiting a potential employee or entering into a contract with another business by conducting:

• Pre-employment checks

• Due diligence

Background checks

• Confirming that the individual has the qualifications they claim they do

If you are having problems with an employee(s) or wish to get answers to a suspicion, please contact us via email or phone for a free no obligation consultation to discuss your options with us.

If there is a subject or matter you would like to see us write a blog about or you would like to feature in one of our blogs please feel free to contact us with any suggestions and if we can accommodate your request we are happy and willing to discuss this with you.