As a Family Lawyer, a Private Investigator may be invaluable to your clients. The use of a Private Investigator and the evidence expertly obtained could significantly change the outcome of a case to ensure that your client receives the best settlement in divorce proceedings. We can also help to ensure that your clients receive the desired outcome in child custody issues.

We understand that as a Family Lawyer, your clients are likely to be going through a very difficult time in their lives. We respect the lawyer and client relationship and only take instructions directly from the client where that is the preference. Otherwise, we prefer to help reduce the amount of stress they are going through by communicating and taking instructions from you and remaining a third party.

The public may have a perception of a Private Investigator being as a shadowy figure often operating on the edge of the law to gain whatever evidence the client wants. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Our Private Investigators at Elite Professional Investigations operate within the proper boundaries and strictly comply with all legal obligations. All results are obtained legally and ethically.

Our Private Investigators are very understanding of sensitive matters such as child custody issues or divorce proceedings. Our Private Investigators have dealt with numerous cases of this nature and are very experienced in obtaining the results, helping you conclude matters more quickly.

Your clients will always be reassured that we will deal with the matters with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. We can also arrange a consultation with either a male or female to make your client feel more comfortable where they wish to communicate with us directly.

Below we have listed some of the services that we can provide in relation to family law matters.


1. Divorce/separation proceedings

Gain evidence of adultery and other marital misconduct

• Proof of unreasonable behaviour

• Assist in gaining evidence of abuse both mental and physical

• Proof of desertion • Gain evidence to support evidence of 2 or 5 years of separation

Service of divorce papers

• Proof of cohabitation

• Asset tracing


2. Child custody proceedings

• Evidence of breaching court orders and/or visitation orders

• Evidence of unlawful and/or inappropriate behaviour

Proof of drug and alcohol abuse

• Child maintenance disputes

• Gaining evidence of abuse against children

• Help reduce and prevent incidents of false allegation/accusation(s)

Background check(s), usually on new partners or house mates staying where the child/children will be spending time with the other parent

• Documenting parent’s behaviour whilst in presence of the child/children

Serving court orders

• Evidence of plans to relocate with the children without the other parent knowing


The above is not a complete list of our services, if you believe we can assist you or your client(s) please contact us to discuss any queries you may have. We are happy to have a free confidential discussion with you to try and assist with any matters you may be dealing with or may arise in the future.

If there is a subject or matter you would like to see us write a blog about or you would like to feature in one of our blogs please feel free to contact us with any suggestions and if we can accommodate your request we are happy and willing to discuss this with you.