Absenteeism is an employee’s intentional or habitual absence from work. As an employer, you expect a certain number of missed workdays each financial year, however, excessive absences can lead to decreased productivity, workplace finance issues and low employee moral due to the increased workload.

There are both legitimate and poor excuses for employee sickness, and it can be a challenge to monitor, control and return the employee to work, especially when they refuse or hinder company return to work schemes or contact requests.

We can provide services to provide you with information and evidence that your employee is legitimately ill or indeed is not.

We can also enter your workplace (posing as an employee) to provide evidence of poor working practice.

Evidence of both the said issues can be gained with some of the tactics below: 

  • Surveillance of the employee.

  • GPS tracking – Do you have the equipment to monitor the individual’s whereabouts while they are absent?

  • Knowledge of the law – Ability to turn the knowledge into deployment and obtain the evidence you need.

  • Equipment – we possess the correct equipment to obtain the evidence, and make sure it is reliable to withstand any legal recourse.

  • Training and experience – we can blend in; even disappear in an environment which may be strange and alien to us in order to get the information you need.

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