The majority of investigations will require a form of surveillance at some stage and this is a skill that we at Elite Professional Investigations continuously train for extensively to ensure all our investigators are at the very highest standard. We ensure we have the most up to date equipment and invest in new equipment regularly.

Some of the equipment that we use to aid our investigations are vehicle tracking devices, specialist surveillance vehicles, full HD and covert cameras.

Each of our investigators is issued with all the equipment that he/she will need to conduct any type of surveillance and are all fully trained to do so.

They all hold nationally recognized qualifications in surveillance and investigations. They all have previous surveillance experience from either working in the private investigators industry or past roles in the military, police or other government trained organisations.

Why use surveillance
Surveillance is a brilliant skill to use to gain evidence for multiple reasons most of all it provides concrete evidence that is admissible in a court of law/tribunal or used simply for peace of mind.
Types of Surveillance
Foot & Mobile
After an investigation
After successful completion of your investigation we will complete a full detailed written report including photographic stills and video footage if required. All details of your report requirements would have been arranged with us prior to the investigation commencing.

Elite Professional Investigations are private investigators based in Edinburgh & Glasgow and serve all areas of Scotland and the UK.