Covert Rural Surveillance

Covert rural surveillance can be conducted for a number of reasons. Some of the most frequent reasons that covert rural surveillance is used is to gain evidence of:

  • Poaching (then leading to Anti-poaching tasks)

  • Fly tipping

  • Livestock theft

  • Plant machinery theft

  • Rural property vandalism

  • Trespassing

  • Anti-social behaviour

Being able to conduct covert rural surveillance tasks is not something that an inexperienced person can do, extensive training is required to get it right. Developing a team that can successfully conduct covert rural surveillance and gather intelligence is a mammoth task in its self, it requires a huge amount of time, self-discipline, commitment and will power to succeed in these tasks.

The Managing Director of EPI knows better than most what it takes to conduct these types of tasks having gained extensive experience from back in his military career where he successfully conducted covert rural surveillance in very hostile situations in some of the most dangerous countries around the world.

Our operatives are fully trained, prepared and willing to conduct tasks in all weather conditions in any location for days/weeks at a time to gain the results and intelligence/evidence you require.

This type of surveillance is particularly useful to a number of people including:

  • Farmers

  • Rural business owners

  • Local authorities

  • Isolated residential location owners

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